Our past can be an Asset?

It cultivates us into becoming better people who are more tolerant and understanding of others. The so-called bad experiences are lessons that will help you grow. We are not prisoners of our past, and our past is not a life sentence.

However, the only way we are going to get to a place of peace is to let the heavy luggage go.


Feelings like fear, sadness, anger and guilt need to be healed.  But first we need to trace back the feelings that hurt and only then can we forgive, trust, and understand ourselves.

  • So by feeling anger and not running from it, we break free from indifference and being numb and connect to love and passion.


  • By connecting to sadness we feel our wants can’t be met and connect to the sweetness of a different kind of love.


  • Equally fear can bring out vulnerability and we then can use discernment to make better decisions in the future.


  • And, last but not least by feeling sorrow we take the power away from what can’t change to what is possible in the future.


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