Why we remain stuck

I would like to share some of the tools that have helped me with fear. These practical tools got me out of my comfort zone that kept me stuck and uninspired.

Blockages and being stuck

Although we are all special and many talents in many areas our past can block us from finding our true potential and keep us stuck.

Yet the ugly truth is that you can’t

  1. Forget the past,
  2. Ignore your feelings,
  3. Wait for someone to acknowledge your hurt and apologize,
  4. Wait for healing time,
  5. Wallow in the pain,
  6. Recreate the past.


By doing the aforementioned it will result in problems like addiction, postponing happiness, pain, and depression. Or even being comfortable in feeling helplessness.

Another block is the in the present conversations with everyone you meet we are habitually surrounded by the negativity of people complaining about the weather, the economy, their spouses and the list continues.  This creates a mental image in our minds that turn into our negative self-image. We may feel stuck in a circumstance like in a marriage or stuck in a job that is slowly destroying you. We can have fears from just about everywhere and not realize the effects it has on us.

However, if you choose to focus on the sadness, regret, and revenge that will be cultivated.

Retelling your story will keep you stuck there. You will remain the victim. Stories like:

I am right in being stuck because they wronged me.

Someone has the responsibility to make me feel better.

If I surrender to the way they treat me I am making their behavior acceptable.

I need them to apologize.

My life is unfair

I can’t heal because they hurt me so much.

Some people also have blockages like stuffing or hiding the negativity that could lead to addiction to mask the pain.

You are a product of your thoughts this is your identity.  So a negative past and living in the present with negativity could be an identity of abused, victimized or wronged in some way.


fear 1

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