I surrender to the past and take responsibility to live in abundance

You can surrender to the past and say it happened but take responsibility to find happiness.

The way to heal the past is to focus on what you have learnt and let the so called bad people give you experience and lessons that will help you grow. We are not prisoners and our past is not a life sentence. We can use the past to cultivate ourselves into becoming a better person who is more tolerate and understanding of others.

Life is a journey of experiences of good and ugly situations. These experiences carry a vastness of emotions and thoughts. But it is true that our lives are constantly changing.


It doesn’t matter where you are in life as you are where you are and that’s who you are. If you can please picture your life like a stream of water that flows, where you put your boat in the stream doesn’t matter. You are where you are at that time and that is fine, It does matter however where you decide to steer your boat. We have an important mission here on this place called earth. It’s to find out who we are and what our purpose is. We are born to serve others and have others serve us. We could steer in the direction of being that instrument of peace to give and receive love.

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