Know Thyself

It is true that we are social beings and need assistance over times in our lives when we are down.  Therefore family, friends and work mates can be our saving grace.

To begin, as family usually have the same genes as us they share and care for us more than anyone else.  A family has been there through those unspoken times of pain to give unconditional love.

Next is the support from friends and loved ones.  As the saying goes we can pick our friends but not our family.  A friend can give unbiased support and you can tell your secrets to them without being ashamed.  They can share their experiences with you guiding you to invaluable healing. Although some boundaries may need to be set in place when you are developing mentally, spiritually or physically, you can help your friends also develop themselves by following your interests or maybe open up the circle to another group of friends. You should try to have check-ins with your old friends so you don’t lose them but personal space is a must.

Another support is the co-workers who we spend 8 hour days with.  These people undergo similar stress to us and can be understanding. They can cover your back when you are going through a difficult period and you can offer them the same sharing and caring. This is true if you keep away from negative behaviors like gossip and bullying.

However I personally believe the best relationship you can have is the relationship you have with yourself. You must schedule in me time where you are able to sustain your healing and growth. This could be done by journaling, affirmations, praying or even massages. This will give you the confidence and tools to tackle obstacles in your road.



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