Crisis Plan

Many don’t realize their strength in times of troubles and feel they are sinking remember don’t panic!! You are a successful person and have proved this in the past and it is a natural part of life that crisis happen its how we grow.

In a crisis issues look bigger than they actually are so just remember don’t lose balance of the other areas of your life. Try to keep the other balls juggling even though a ball fell; just because one area is in crisis fight to not let it affect all areas. E.g.  money issues doesn’t mean poor physical or spiritual condition.

You need a clear way of thinking to optimize your solutions.

A name and number for the following

  • Emergency person
  • Police
  • Social welfare
  • Tax
  • Accountant
  • Family member
  • Doctor
  • Son/daughter school number
  • Church number
  • Hostel address and number
  • Bank manager
  • Meeting place to be when things go wrong
  • Allergies


Write down your previous successes and how you overcame them. Now think of the roadblocks of your situation and how you can get through it ahead of time. Remember to focus!!! The way through the crisis may not be clear, rational, or practical. Reprogram the negative thoughts into positive affirmations and you are the product of your choice.


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