In the last blog I wrote about my weaknesses now I’m writing about how to council myself

The first issue is well being:

I work long hours and study hard which has a detrimental effect on my health.

To solve the concern will be slow because my routine is compact by working three jobs and studying at universal class, I have obligations as I’m a single mum and overheads are high. This is scary, I have to confront fears. However by changing my habits and investing time into getting owed money back to me will solve debts.

Changing my schedule means sleeping more; this is difficult because I enjoy working at night when there’s no disruptions.

I fear the process because of developed habits I find developing new ones is tedious.  I am aware that certain activities should be left to have downtime.

By thinking back I will see myself having more free time, not experiencing headaches or fatigue and being more productive.

The second issue is organization in the institute and getting to the gritty of timetable and payments.

I fear the mind-numbing process and making mistakes with programming. I am tired of teaching and I find life coaching inspiring. 

By thinking back to being paid for work and feeling disciplined when I living by a timetable gives me liberty.

The third issue is I would love to start coaching for people going through divorce.

The fear of doing this is time and energy and the concern of “does anyone want help from a life coach?” “Is this studying and time a waste of time?”

Then I think forward to how lethargic I am with teaching and my true calling is life coaching.  I know this will be difficult to reach people but the satisfaction I will get to aid someone will be worth it.


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