Dare to Begin


9 thoughts on “Dare to Begin”

  1. I am so going to buy this book! I have been having problems with my husband and I think we might have a divorce. OMG! Life savor!


  2. I have recently bought this book online from Amazon I think, if I am not mistaken and to be honest; it has helped me a lot. Especially when I was neglecting my children and partying a lot. I was the kind of woman before reading the book; that I did not want to stay at home and I always wanted to party hard because I was hurt and because I was neglected but then after reading DARE TO BEGIN; it changed me. It turned my life around and now more than ever I am in my children’s lives and I am giving them attention and the time of day. Without DARE TO BEGIN, I’d still be partying day and night and I’d be with many different men just to satisfy that urge that my husband no longer satisfies since we got a divorce. I divorced in 2014 and ever since I have been doing the non-stop bad mum attitude but last year my friends told me about this wonderful woman who wrote a book and I could not wait to pick it up because I wanted to get my life back together; I wanted to be the mother to my children again. I cannot tell you how much this book has helped me. My children and I have become closer than ever. The book is like my bible to living a better life. I applaud the woman that wrote this book.


    1. I’m really excited for you. This is what life is about appreciating the gifts we already have. To often we search for love in the wrong place and end up in pain! Thanks 🙏 for your kindness. Keep it up.


  3. I do not know how to say this; but I was never in a relationship that ended in divorce but my life has been in a rut and everyday of my life i felt that i was losing myself and then when I read Dare to Begin i felt that not only had i misplaced myself i also made myself feel guilty that life for me is not allowed to be good. Like i do not deserve to be happy. I wanted to know or maybe talk to the author and ask. Will you write a book for us singles or a part II for Dare to Begin?

    Thanks a lot!


  4. Hello,

    I know the author. She is a good friend of mine. Not only is she a great friend but she is good at being a mum, a care taker, a teacher, an educator and now more than anything she will be the best life coach anyone will ever experience. I have been through obstacles in my life and I allowed so many people to walk all over me be it my family, friends or even boyfriends but that all changed after I read Dare to Begin. It made me realize that my life started now because now I am ready for challenges and the new and exciting. I too am an author not because of reason but because of passion. My passion is writing and creating stories because that is what makes me ME. I have never felt more at zen than I am at writing a story based on anything. You do not have to go through divorce to read this book. I have been in so many relationships which I allowed the guy to make me feel like shit but that changed after Dare to Begin and it changed because I am no one’s door mat.

    Thank you Despina Nicola.

    You are an angel 🙂


  5. I have brought this book online from Amazon, and this has helped me a lot, an amazing book, and well written. The meaning of life, whether we have loved, married, divorced, separated, single, taken up a different role at work, moved country, moved from our comfort zones, learned a skill, still studying, loss of a family member, brother, sister, mother, father, cousins, being ridiculed by family, friends and foe. For me the most difficult situation of my life is the loss of my dear Mother, and being in the ambulance with my Mother, which while travelling to the hospital seemed normal, though as we approached hospital my Mother’s situation deteriorated, and her final breaths, it was me who saw the Medical staff try to bring my Mother back to life, I would not wish this on anyone. People say that they understand, do they? they simply don’t, my life changed to autopilot, and I had forgotten why I existed on this planet, everything, every action was numb, and so abstract, a picture that had not finished. Legend say that the Hummingbird floats free time and carrying hopes for love, joy and celebrations. Hummingbirds open our eyes to the wonder of the world and inspire us to oven our hears to loved ones, and friends. Like a Hummingbird, we aspire to hove and savor each moment as it basses, embrace all that love has to offer and to celebrate the joy of everyday. The Hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that live is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has a meaning and the laughter is life’s sweetest creation with courage we will date to take the risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. The Book titles says it all, “DARE TO BEGIN” it is a book that can be read cover to cover, though also can be picked up to review the stage at the life you are at Despina your book is Awesome and I am giving you Five Stars *****, Thank you. Antoina Burki

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