Changes in 2017

Changing an area of my life requires commitment, visualization and the use of stratagem. I can reach my true purpose but if standards are too high anxiety is probable. Using the past as reference is fine, but being stuck there causes depression because I can’t return. So I find happiness in the now as it has no apprehension. I’m not what I’ve achieved but how I’m growing.

My vision is to give my children the business and live half the year in NZ and half in Cyprus. I need to change behavior of working on teaching English, and also work on coaching skills, if I don’t consciously change daily habits I will be stuck in teaching English.

To do life coaching I set up a facebook page and post articles. I talk to people who go through separation and offer my services. My dream board on my wall in my bedroom is the first thing I see every morning and night it’s a subliminal reminder of my goal. This job offers passion of helping people and flexibility of working anywhere in the world. The purpose of change is to live in NZ my birth place.
• My strategies to use my experience, resources, write articles and upload the internet daily.
• My daughter is at university and studying English so she helps the current business’ income for the family.
• I advertise life coaching through facebook and friends.
• I have many life coaching certificates along with a psychology degree.
Though I commit and trust myself to reach this, fear is my worst nightmare. I know I will be blessed to spend time with my family in NZ and Cyprus. I am going to be accountable to myself and write on the internet daily.treeoflife

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