8 Steps From Dream to Achieve

You can dream about a lot of things like  material wealth, more family time or supportive relationships. However, once you are living your dream it has been proven that most humans are never satisfied and always want more! For example, the big lottery  win or the perfect lifestyle may not be enough.

Dreaming and desiring something should be done in a place of peace and unconditional love because it draws dreams near. The brain always gives you more of what it is programmed into believing so when you are in misery or lack of what you haven’t  got yet, lack  is created.Feel and appreciate the abundance of what is already yours  and this will be the foundation to create more. In a nut shell  before setting any goals develop a “gratitude attitude.”

When setting a goal be focused and try to predict what obstacles will appear.  Do not be overwhelmed by these obstacles. Obstacles will arise and are there to protect you. Write the obstacles down and create a plan of action  to overcome each obstacle.

Prioritize your energy and stay focused on the outcome.Goal setting should be done when you feel at peace with what is. Write goals down in present tense to trick your brain into believing they are manifesting now. I would like to show you my action plan that has made my dreams actualize.                  

            The 8 steps must be written out in as much detail as possible 

Focus thoughts to assemble step by step what you want to achieve in the next say ten years.

Where is the place you will be in 10 years time. Now add the people in your life, do they generate a safe haven? Are there toxic people sapping your energy? Who must stay/leave?

Does it express you? Are the people you are working with competent and positive? Is the money brilliant?

How do you balance life and work? Are you relaxing, socialized, creating and pampering yourself? Remember sleep is important to reduce stress.

Does the decor of your house and work environment express your personality? For example do you want to have a minimalist look or an antique look?

What are you portraying as an imageto the world? Are you comfortable in your own skin?

How about your spiritual situation? Are you connected to the source? It is always good to know that you can cast your burden on a higher being, you are not alone. The source is there to manifest your dreams “ASK, SEEK, KNOCK AND THE DOOR WILL BE OPENED TO YOU,” (make it good)
Once you have all the above ideas written out, you might want to add pictures of you or from magazines to have visual images. Then put them on a vision board so the subconscious starts the manifestation process.
I did this process and built; I had no money at the time. I planned the design with a lot of detail. I then took my plans to an architect to design. It is true that much insecurity arose but I had a plan of action to battle through it and I achieved the goal in 2009.

Many believe a dream life is about material goods, I personally believe it is about love, family, friends and relationships. Just remember to keep focused, keep goals few and keep moving towards your goals and have action plans in place to overcome obstacles. Most importantly have a gratitude attitude.  


2 thoughts on “8 Steps From Dream to Achieve”

  1. I have been reading your blog and I love it but I was wondering if I could use your 8 steps in my life so that I can try out something new for my life?


  2. Ciao. Sono molto interessato a ciò che hai scritto; ma puoi spiegare a me perché hai parlato di 8 passi qui e nel tuo video che ho visto su youtube che ci sono 4 passi per raggiungere un obiettivo? Grazie.


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