Whether you think you can or you can’t its up to you

Each individual has their ability to face difficulties depending on their positive attitudes they foretell the likelihood of winning, similarly an attitude of failure probably results in disappointments, because consequences of most missions are determined at the start.

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t,

you’re right.” – Henry Ford

A positive attitude is vital to show potential, it establishes power to take action and then foresees outcomes as regards to effort which are the tools to reach the goal.

An attitude of positivity can change your life. It has great control since you alter your reactions to situations, opening up boundless action steps that a negative thinker wouldn’t fathom. Even though the situation may not change, you can see it differently which gives you enormous control.

Negativity  can handicap individuals to make excuses why “they can’t” this consumes energy and weakens, while positivity allows for devising solutions expanding the input in the brain and gives tools to change your life.

An attitude is the size of success or failure of future dreams. Your determination to tolerate challenges can act as a blessing or curse. Many individuals need to assess how they allow others to hold them back. The negative attitude of others is temporarily, but a positive attitude is permanent. When a mistake is made a repercussion maybe fear, this weakens you to remain stuck which is kept inside but expressed outwardly in a negative attitude.

Changing a negative attitude will not happen right away by just desiring, but by practicing positivity more doors to opportunities open and doors to frustration close.

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4 thoughts on “Whether you think you can or you can’t its up to you”

    1. My favorite quote is ASK ask seek knock and the door of heaven will to opened. So by going to the source with a springe only a little bit of water will be received but by going to the source with a big vessel the world is provided😉


    1. This quote for me means that if you are stuck doing the same things again and again you will get the same results and that is what you will expect from yourself but if you are willing to expect more from yourself you change habits and a different result will be made. 😍


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