I believe in you! I challenge that statistic that claims you have a 1 out of 10 chance to change your negative habits. Even though humans are a lover of their comfort zone and habit I desire to walk beside you shoulder to shoulder and challenge you to become unstuck and live the dream life you are destined to be. Why? Because life is good and we are designed to give and receive love humans are naturally born to give and I want you to be abundant in all areas of life.

My name is Despina Nicola and I am a life coach I pledge my admiration and walk with you and give you tools to become who you are destined to be.


 I was born and raised in New Zealand from Greek Cypriot born parents. After doing a degree in teaching I left to work in Cyprus. Followed by ten years of a rocky marriage I finally made the decision to divorce and over the next eleven years I struggled to bring up two young daughters and run my own business with success. I learnt to balance work, family, relationships and financial commitments. During this period I went back to university and made time in my busy schedule to do a degree in psychology. I have also done extensive study on relationships, divorce, career, psychological issues and stress.

My book Dare to Begin is a result of decades of studying relationships and gaining insight into taking control of my life.

I have now opened up a life coaching practice and am giving sessions to individuals and groups in finding true callings. My life is dedicated to helping others live.

My philosophy is:

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”  Henry Ford 


Dare to Begin Courses

The courses I offer are firstly in life coaching that are geared towards making the changes that the client wants. It uses various techniques and tools and delves into breaking negative habits and pushing the client towards their true calling.  Coaching explores vision, creating action plans to interdict procrastination then make decisions and become accountable to meet goals.

The next module deals with careers, it explores the best type of job for each individual and looks into what experience and the suitability one has for their desired job, and then touches on work life balance.

Following that is the module on health, well-being, anxiety and stress.  Many may be living in anxiety or have negative thought patterns that block them from moving on. This module is about equipping someone to face their fears and changing their daily routines to find positive activities that will break the rigid thought patterns. It focuses on the weekly schedules that will create a more fulfilled life in the individual and in the dealings with others.

Another module has to do with relationships and more specifically on how to end, improve or come to a compromise by negotiating what desires are.

The following module has to do with self esteem and acquiring the skills to get your rights, and to balance thoughts and obtain a positive self image.


This will be done through various affirmations, worksheets, exercises and activities. The modals used are the ABC modal, the deal modal, the smart modal, the growth modal and finally the clean language modal. These are the tools that aid the coach in walking shoulder to shoulder with their clients to finding the happy and complete client.